Yellow Point, in the eyes yellow spots, yellowing eyes

Popularly called the Yellow Dot, medical called "macular degeneration" of disease, particularly after the age of 50 shows.

Yellow spot disease is still unknown reasons, about one year has yielded positive results underwent injection therapy.
A drug injected into the back of the eye disease in which cells "ineffective" to make is that this method has 80% success rate.
After the car using injection therapy, that can read books again, patients are able to watch TV.

Yellow spot disease for the first time at the Florence Nightingale Hospital, a center was established. Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals, Department of Ophthalmology, s. Halil Bahçecioğlu may not worry about the yellow spot disease, replied:

Among the people "Yellow Spot disease known as" Macular Degeneration "is?
Yellow spot, behind the retina of our eyes we see the most clear and yellow-colored substance that disrupts central vision merkezidir.Bu all diseases are referred to as macular degeneration. Yellow Spot disease yellow spot on the back of the eye spots are formed.

Points are the symptoms of yellow disease? How are emerging?
Yellow spot disease is rare in childhood and adulthood begins in a part, but we see most often as types of age-related diseases 60 years along with a yellow dot appears. The most common and earliest symptom seen clearly the bodies of middle oblique, twisted vision, and are looked at things the center of the dark görmedir.Bunları Following the visual quality and strength will decrease over time, and patients with distant objects can not see such books have not read graphics.

Yellow Spot disease are the causes?
The exact cause of the yellow spot area bilemiyoruz.En common cause is the deterioration with age. Besides, some of these congenital high myopia and retinal disease in patients with visible yellow dot. Also the sun's ultraviolet rays trigger the disease that we know of. High cholesterol, high blood pressure and cigarette smoking in people with this disease are encountered more and more. But containing the antioxidant vitamins and zinc slows the progress of the disease have been scientifically proven.
This begins in one eye and other eye diseases pass rate of 90 percent is likely within two years.

Yellow Spot Disease What are the risk factors?

Age, heredity, gender, etc. The most important risk factor for disease yellow spot yaşdır.Yani How old is the risk of this disease is so yüksektir.Bu disease is progressing after 50 years. Over one million people living in Turkey due to yellow spot disease, gradual loss of vision to the people caught durumda.Bu uğ daily life is restricted. We are more common in women of this disease. Smoking, high cholesterol, hypertension, prolonged exposure to sunlight and vitamin faktörleridir.Kalıtım other risk of undernutrition is also important.

There are many types of diseases açıklarmısınız Yellow Point?

There are two types: "dry type" ie, bleeding, fluid accumulation, or the type does not contain newly formed blood vessels. But the newly formed network of blood vessels bleeding and damaging the existing "Age Type" has to be two types. Relatively harmless in dry and wet type can become a time. Wet type; severely impair vision. Left untreated, permanent damage rate is high and dangerous type is the old type.

Age-related diseases other than yellow spot disease, which causes the yellow dots are the other diseases?
Yellow spot disease in the community is the most common cause of age-related yellow spot. More rarely, diabetes-related macular edema, yellow spot disease, which the high myopia, congenital and structural retinal disease, retinal damarsı cracks, some parasite infections and yellow dots diseases caused by poor quality vision and blindness can result.

How to Spot Disease Treatment is yellow!

Does not require treatment for dry type, but for protective purposes in specific types of vitamins vardır.Yaş about a year ago into the eye by intraocular injection drug injections began to matter. In total, these methods are applied to 24 countries. While injections are being numb the eye. The glassy eyes from the white area of the eye medication is injected into the liquid. This drug also blocked the formation of yenidamar reduce vision, as well as the existing vessels will disappear. Opens the patient's central vision.

How to improve the quality of intraocular injection to see?

Treatment of intraocular injection increases the power of visual quality and includes a feature. This type of age and eyes which reduce harmful blood vessels leak fluid and then create or destroy blocks from here have done. Intraocular injections of substances used in bowel cancer drugs are derived.

If injections are made once a few sessions required?

According to the situation even more applications can be made up to 12 times the number mümkündür.Seans depends on the patient's condition. We are continuously monitored patients. When we inject it when necessary.

The higher success rate?

Appropriate in selected patients up to 80% it is possible to talk about success. After the injection treatment of patients who did not see in front of our reading, the car became available. For example, started 15 years ago, disease, loss of vision gradually and now I only see our patients are on a meter. Our patients are young. As a result of an accident at a young age can be afflicted with this disease. Injection therapy in these patients is successful. To maintain the existing vision.

When I need to consult a doctor?

After 40 years as a primary control must be observed every year. However, decreased vision, object to the middle of the dark, curved and irregular if visual symptoms should immediately consult an eye doctor. Early diagnosis of vision loss is unfortunately a very önemlidir.Yüzde face yaramıyor.10 household work in 8 patients, there is always a yellow dot.

What happens if not treated?

Yellow spot disease, blindness is not added on any other diseases not conclude. But for others, depending on the person who, half a meter into a human being can not see the front. This greatly reduces the quality of life and people from all social life takes away

What is the incidence?

30% after 60 years of age, 40.80% after 70 years of age after the age of 50 and 90% after the age of incidence is around 70%.

Center within the hospital set up what is the Yellow Dot?

Yellow dot in the center of the early diagnosis of these diseases are treated. Latest technology, OCT, HRT and digital eye anjiosu devices of this disease is early diagnosis made it the most successful treatments with PDT and intraocular injection of this disease progression is stopped and improvements sağlanmaktadır.Ayrıca of these patients after treatment visual rehabilitation in the çalışılmaktadır.Bu so that the patients' yellow spot of skin cancer Those risks are evaluated and treated, and closely observed risky ones with the help of advanced equipment for treatment of disease are necessary before permanent damage.


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